Friday, September 5, 2008

something *HUGE* is coming!!

...this Tuesday September 9th is the BIG day!!! When you can order directly from my stampin' up! website:

not that you *have* to I'd love to continue our personal relationships!! but there is going to be shopping 24/7 and sometimes I'm just not around 24/7.

stay toooooooooned! :)

I've been INCREDIBLY busy in my *real life* with my son starting his first year of grade one. Which means school everyday Monday - Friday! it has made for a VERY long week. I hope to get this getting up early thing under control - I have even been going to bed around 9pm myself! I have NEVER been a morning person...heck, I'm not really a night person either ;)

I'm looking forward to getting some creating time in so I can share some more fun stuff with you all!


Laurie said...

I think back to school time is always busy and takes a few days (or weeks sometimes) to get used to the schedule. Can't wait to see some of your new craftyness!! I went to stamp camp last night and stayed until 5am!!! but man do I have some KEY-UT atc's started!

Sherri said...

aw, Dawson is in grade one!! wow
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