Saturday, October 15, 2011


 scared ya didn't i? ;)

 miss me?

 lots going on these days - but nothing TOO exciting...

 thing 2 lost her '2 front teeth'
{she was home sick with a flu bug this week, so she looks kinda funky in this pic}

This art work totally cracked me up!
the bottom is a bit hard to see, it says:
"Don pick your nose"
I can't tell you HOW impressed I am, that my child is being taught these valuable lessons in school!
too bad this isn't taught to drivers while at red lights!

to some people this hair might look messy, or unruly...
but I *LOVE* her hair!!!
of course I'm bias, but wish I was so pretty!

I am so proud of this little munchkin!
she's a spark again this year, and is doing swimmer 1 and doing her best!

thing 1... he is in cubs this year, and I'm going to look into getting him involved in music.
He is clearly uninterested in sports of any kind - even tho' it eats me up inside.
I want him to at LEAST try stuff - then he will know if he likes it or not.
he just says everything is stupid.  {sigh}
he would make a kickass football player, he's totally built for it.

other news...

this Thursday I'm going to another house concert, this time I'm going to see a group called
the once  check them out!! I can't wait! :)

Also have some big anniversary plans coming up!
another night with Séan McCann & the Committed
november 3rd in Toronto
mr. h and I were married 6 years after our first date on the same day as our first date.

see, told ya nothing that interesting to say :P

I've been crocheting a fair bit lately, as well as attempting to spend time with mr. h
{even tho' he watches the WORSE shows & movies EVER made!}
just sayin'
also been trying to keep on top of this crazy house!

Life is good these days.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

sometimes there are days that i just want to pretend that what i have to say is actually read.

you know the people in your life, that make you feel on top of the world? do you have any of those?
i have a few. oddly enough i can't see any of them without paying out a wad of money {deep sigh} not to mention they don't even know either. or care...

i need to focus on the realities of my life...

left to right: Kelly Russell, me and Séan McCann
                                       Séan and the Committed played Sept. 30th in Buffalo

 ...and as much as I *WISH* i could spend WAY more time listening to these guys sing and play, and share their stories, reality is I can't.

I need to embrace the fun times we did spend together - Friday afternoon the hubs and I head to Buffalo. We had dinner at the Olive Garden - I've been wanting to do that with him for a VERY LONG time... I wish we would have had more time to relax and enjoy our time. But we shuttled off to meet up with our friends that we were also going to the show. We were right up there at the front of the line, and my pure joy and happiness slowed right down... when the security guy told me I couldn't bring my camera in :( 
once we were let in, I found a bit of happiness in the form of liquid in a cup with ice ;)
I got a front right and center seat and couldn't wipe the smile off my face no matter what... Séan, Kelly and Craig donned the stage and they made incredible music and sang harmoniously.
my ears and eyes were in heaven :)
I knew the ice was having an effect on me as at one point I really felt like I was dreaming and I most definitely did NOT want to wake up! ;) 
After the encore we made our way out in hopes to catch hugs, autographs and chats with the guys. As luck would have it, Séan & Kelly came out to meet and greet their fans. I am unsure why Craig didn't come out - I was hoping to get one of his cd's but there weren't any to buy. 
Before long the guys were off to settle up their business and we were invited to join them at the bar - hello??? pardon me? 
can you say DREAM COME TRUE???  what can I say? when I am in the right company, and have consumed the right amount of ice {grin} I like to have a GOOD time!
We headed off to the bar - lord knows I needed more ice ;) 
Kim, Brenda, my new friends Molly & John and Steve & I, were joined by Séan, Kelly and Johnny. At one point, I had my husband on my left talking to Kelly about home brew, and Séan McCann on my right taking his shoe off to show us he was gellin'  {LOL} 
I got a hug so big from him, i wondered if he passed out ;)

oh the fun i had! time flew by and we closed the bar... watched our staggering friends head for the hotel {across the street} and we headed for home.

I haven't had THAT much fun in a VERY long time! :) 

thanks to my hubs for letting me out to play.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


my kid is a quack! I swear it.
i would give my left arm when I was a kid to be part of any organized sport / activity. I took karate for 8 years and I did have my go at t'ball for 1 summer... other than that, it was school related or neighbourhood kid organized.

well here's the low down - so my kid is NOT interested in pretty much anything...
 he is in cubs, he REALLY likes it. But whenever we have encouraged or offered an actual sport, he isn't interested one.single.bit!  it seems completely bizarre to me.

I decided to sign both the kids up for swimming. Today was their first class...
thing 1 fussed about it so much I was beginning to lose my cool, I took a few minutes to regroup and decided to attempt to talk to him about it - maybe he had a "just" reason for not wanting to? Nope. his reason, "i just don't want to" ... I told him it was important to know how to swim, b/c you never know
when or if you will ever be in a situation that requires the knowledge of what to do right?
he said, "I'll just never put myself in that situation".  I wanted to bash my head {and his} into a wall.
When it was time to go, I told him there was no choice. It was what he is doing and that was that. He climbed to the top bunk and said "you have to make me"... talk about fuel on the fire. After I calmed down, I asked him to come and have a talk. He had absolutely NO good reason for not wanting to go, and I couldn't talk him into it. I dropped a choice word and he knew the camel's back was BROKEN!

he moved VERY quickly and got into the truck however, he kept his distance from me and continually reminded me for a solid 10 minutes {the time it takes to get there} that he was no way, no how going to swim.
Upon walking into the place I stopped at the desk and the look of pyscho-mom must have been on my face, as I'm sure the chick at the desk had her finger on the 911 speed dial button {grin} I told her that my son was giving me a hard time and was refusing to go to swimming lessons - she looked at him and asked why he didn't want to go - his reply, "I just don't want to".  Ya, as if she had the magical power to make him go - duh!!! -

I'm so done. done. done! 

what happened to boys that want to play hockey? football? soccer? am I from another planet?

when you ask him what he wants to do... his reply:   to play the church organ.

 shrug... the odd part, our church sings a cappella


Monday, September 26, 2011

not sure where it's at...

i haven't felt much like blogging lately- generally i have a lot of  "oh, I should blog that" moments but as of lately I really just have NOT been feelin' it...

i haven't had any urge to craft either...

i've been having a LOT of bad headaches - migraines included. 

i'm happy to say that i'm back to my dance-fitness classes and i am positive i am the LEAST co-ordinated person... it's way fun - and to know i'm doing something good for ME only makes it all the better.

my kids are starting swimming lessons tomorrow - they kinda don't even know about it, is that bad? ;)

sleep & advil are calling...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

off the wall

I'm feeling sorta off the wall'ish - I think I am catching a bug. I also think it's because my kids are back in school, b/c they seem to have had it first.  There are just some things I wish they wouldn't share!

there are things that need to be done around here and all I want to do is take a nap.
I have a white board and every so often I'll make myself a list of stuff that I need to do & want to do, I find gratification in marking stuff off as DONE! well today I made my list ... there are a couple of things that I MUST get done today and before 2:30

maybe just a quick nap is all i need? I've had caffiene and it just isn't cutting it.

on a side note:  the boy's room is SO close to ready for move in, it will definitely be this weekend! ;)


Sunday, September 11, 2011

just stuff

I haven't been able to find my battery charger for quite a while...
good news is I found it! :)
bad news I've missed a lot of the progress in the "green-room"

I found these pics of a quicky rainfall we had - the weird part is that it came on while it was sunny, and left just as fast as it came on. Definitely a "SUN-SHOWER" ;)
I felt compelled to get out there and take pics of the water bouncing off our pool water.

I made these back to school cupcake toppers
aren't they cute?

Here is the green room! :)  this was a few hours ago

this was a few minutes ago :) 
 you can see that we didn't go with "John Deere" green
it does look really good tho! :)
and that window has never been so clean.

mr. h and Jack's back

Saturday, September 10, 2011

witty title usually goes here

***warning: the following post is random, VERY random!

sometimes I find myself in deep random thought - like right now...
I enjoy surfing the net. I like to listen to music usually with headphones on so i am less distracted
most of the time it's Séan McCann, Great Big Sea, Jeremy Fisher and then there are times I find myself longing for other tunes like earlier I jammin' to some Bob Marley ...

One day not long ago while I was at the grocery store, I happened to see somebody that looked like a famous actor - i forget who it was, and I didn't even care at that moment if it was or wasn't whoever he looked like.. as i pushed the cart around looking for the stuff we needed... i got to thinking, I really am not the type of person that is usually phased by celebrities. I mean they are just people right? they have a talent {or not - but think they do!} and they get paid and are probably overjoyed that we "regulars" enjoy them... but imagine if somebody like mr. h for example had papparazzi and fans following him all over the job sites? 

this was the first night I met Jeremy & Séan
when mr. h and I went to see them on tour in the spring here in the Hammer

I remember in the spring my friend Tina and I were in London to see Séan & the JFish and as we were being lead away from the front entrance, I saw the Séan & Jeremy walking up the street towards us. I remember thinking - how come THEY get to use the door that we couldn't?  I also remember feeling giddy and happy b/c I know they are MAD talented and I was there to see them, hear them and hoping to get the chance to shmooze with them after the show! ;) 

This is the shmoozing after the show... lol.
this was the last night of their tour and the drinketh-runneth ;)

I have seen Jeremy 3 times now and he is the most down to earth, easy going and eccentric guy. Each time I have talked to him it is like he's an old pal... even tho' each time I bet a dollar he doesn't even know we've met before - nor do i expect him to! ;)  each time I say, "HEY!! REMEMBER ME???" he always answers "uh, yah!?" but it's completely obvious he's stunned and then we share the laugh... :)

I'm excited to be counting down to see Séan and the Committed - 20 more sleeps!  I am definitely phased by Séan and Jeremy :)   I have thought, if I ever seen them at the grocery store or any other random place, would I have the courtesy to just smile say hi and keep going? or would I follow them around on purpose seeing what they buy/eat?  -well what would you do?
I think I'd definitely have to say "HI! REMEMBER ME???" lol ;)  I wouldn't follow them, but I would secretly want to!  some of my friends tease me and call me a stalker.. I'm totally not a stalker, I just happened to find the voices that make me happy and they belong to a couple of really great guys!

mr. h, Jeremy Fisher, and I at the labor day house concert in Burlington ON 

if you haven't had the chance to see either of them live - you REALLY SHOULD!!!
Jeremy is on a tour right now!
check out his Tumblr site and you can follow him on facebook/twitter etc.

Séan & the Committed are also going to be on tour starting September 26th until October 8th 
That's 13 nights in a row!  I am hoping to see if we can't make the arrangements to go to the last show in White River Junction, Vermont a long weekend would make for a FABULOUS fall getaway!  I will be at the Buffalo show for sure and I totally can't wait!!!! 
They are having a contest too! check it all out...

there are about a million ok, maybe only a dozen, tiny bugs on the ceiling and they are the kind that don't last very long - then they drop dead and fall onto my laptop.

well i'm running out of random and my neck is hurting, headphones are making my ears hot.


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