Saturday, September 10, 2011

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***warning: the following post is random, VERY random!

sometimes I find myself in deep random thought - like right now...
I enjoy surfing the net. I like to listen to music usually with headphones on so i am less distracted
most of the time it's Séan McCann, Great Big Sea, Jeremy Fisher and then there are times I find myself longing for other tunes like earlier I jammin' to some Bob Marley ...

One day not long ago while I was at the grocery store, I happened to see somebody that looked like a famous actor - i forget who it was, and I didn't even care at that moment if it was or wasn't whoever he looked like.. as i pushed the cart around looking for the stuff we needed... i got to thinking, I really am not the type of person that is usually phased by celebrities. I mean they are just people right? they have a talent {or not - but think they do!} and they get paid and are probably overjoyed that we "regulars" enjoy them... but imagine if somebody like mr. h for example had papparazzi and fans following him all over the job sites? 

this was the first night I met Jeremy & Séan
when mr. h and I went to see them on tour in the spring here in the Hammer

I remember in the spring my friend Tina and I were in London to see Séan & the JFish and as we were being lead away from the front entrance, I saw the Séan & Jeremy walking up the street towards us. I remember thinking - how come THEY get to use the door that we couldn't?  I also remember feeling giddy and happy b/c I know they are MAD talented and I was there to see them, hear them and hoping to get the chance to shmooze with them after the show! ;) 

This is the shmoozing after the show... lol.
this was the last night of their tour and the drinketh-runneth ;)

I have seen Jeremy 3 times now and he is the most down to earth, easy going and eccentric guy. Each time I have talked to him it is like he's an old pal... even tho' each time I bet a dollar he doesn't even know we've met before - nor do i expect him to! ;)  each time I say, "HEY!! REMEMBER ME???" he always answers "uh, yah!?" but it's completely obvious he's stunned and then we share the laugh... :)

I'm excited to be counting down to see Séan and the Committed - 20 more sleeps!  I am definitely phased by Séan and Jeremy :)   I have thought, if I ever seen them at the grocery store or any other random place, would I have the courtesy to just smile say hi and keep going? or would I follow them around on purpose seeing what they buy/eat?  -well what would you do?
I think I'd definitely have to say "HI! REMEMBER ME???" lol ;)  I wouldn't follow them, but I would secretly want to!  some of my friends tease me and call me a stalker.. I'm totally not a stalker, I just happened to find the voices that make me happy and they belong to a couple of really great guys!

mr. h, Jeremy Fisher, and I at the labor day house concert in Burlington ON 

if you haven't had the chance to see either of them live - you REALLY SHOULD!!!
Jeremy is on a tour right now!
check out his Tumblr site and you can follow him on facebook/twitter etc.

Séan & the Committed are also going to be on tour starting September 26th until October 8th 
That's 13 nights in a row!  I am hoping to see if we can't make the arrangements to go to the last show in White River Junction, Vermont a long weekend would make for a FABULOUS fall getaway!  I will be at the Buffalo show for sure and I totally can't wait!!!! 
They are having a contest too! check it all out...

there are about a million ok, maybe only a dozen, tiny bugs on the ceiling and they are the kind that don't last very long - then they drop dead and fall onto my laptop.

well i'm running out of random and my neck is hurting, headphones are making my ears hot.


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Donna said...

I like the plaid shirts all three of you are rocking in that last picture :D

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