Sunday, September 11, 2011

just stuff

I haven't been able to find my battery charger for quite a while...
good news is I found it! :)
bad news I've missed a lot of the progress in the "green-room"

I found these pics of a quicky rainfall we had - the weird part is that it came on while it was sunny, and left just as fast as it came on. Definitely a "SUN-SHOWER" ;)
I felt compelled to get out there and take pics of the water bouncing off our pool water.

I made these back to school cupcake toppers
aren't they cute?

Here is the green room! :)  this was a few hours ago

this was a few minutes ago :) 
 you can see that we didn't go with "John Deere" green
it does look really good tho! :)
and that window has never been so clean.

mr. h and Jack's back

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