Friday, September 9, 2011

21 days ... I have to wait 21 more days til I FINALLY get to see The Committed!
and saying I can't wait, is 100% an understatement :)
wanna a peek at what I'm so addicted to?
{crank it up!}

I had been looking forward to this week ALL SUMMER!
the week that the kids went back to school in case you only just showed up...
it's not that I'm not a fan of my kids, I totally adore them, but well, after day in and day out of
hearing "I'm bored, I have nothing to do" and hearing them whining, fighting and screaming not only at me but each other too! it just gets old FAST.
{at least teachers get to go home everynight}
I do admit this has been BY FAR the best summer we've had yet.
so where was i going with all this? honestly I have no freakin' idea.
oh, ya! I remember...
so I was expecting to do breakfast with my momma chicks on tuesday
then work on cards - neither happened.
mr. h our toilet decided to leak.  So I had to help pick up the toilet -
have you ever picked up a toilet? i bet i'm a minority 
those suckers are HEAVY!
after that was fixed I had to get groceries, and deal with uniforms, b/c
why would I do that BEFORE school started? {eyeroll}
the chick at the uniform store that I won't give the pleasure of mentioning, was a complete snob!
I told her I was so disgusted that I didn't even want to shop there.
the short version-I got my way and left feeling like I held the upper hand.
I spent Wednesday working on cards for class that night.
before I even relized that it was first week back to school it was already their 3rd day..
and like true fashion they officially have their first LATE stamp in their agenda
anyway my mother in law came in and we got thing 1's new bedroom painted with the first coat.
then she came again today - and we got a 2nd coat on.
We took off and sought and got the goods for the bday girl's party.

and sure can't wait to get back to laying around watching soaps and eating bonbons ;)
{as mr. h says}
hope you have a great weekend!

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