Tuesday, September 27, 2011


my kid is a quack! I swear it.
i would give my left arm when I was a kid to be part of any organized sport / activity. I took karate for 8 years and I did have my go at t'ball for 1 summer... other than that, it was school related or neighbourhood kid organized.

well here's the low down - so my kid is NOT interested in pretty much anything...
 he is in cubs, he REALLY likes it. But whenever we have encouraged or offered an actual sport, he isn't interested one.single.bit!  it seems completely bizarre to me.

I decided to sign both the kids up for swimming. Today was their first class...
thing 1 fussed about it so much I was beginning to lose my cool, I took a few minutes to regroup and decided to attempt to talk to him about it - maybe he had a "just" reason for not wanting to? Nope. his reason, "i just don't want to" ... I told him it was important to know how to swim, b/c you never know
when or if you will ever be in a situation that requires the knowledge of what to do right?
he said, "I'll just never put myself in that situation".  I wanted to bash my head {and his} into a wall.
When it was time to go, I told him there was no choice. It was what he is doing and that was that. He climbed to the top bunk and said "you have to make me"... talk about fuel on the fire. After I calmed down, I asked him to come and have a talk. He had absolutely NO good reason for not wanting to go, and I couldn't talk him into it. I dropped a choice word and he knew the camel's back was BROKEN!

he moved VERY quickly and got into the truck however, he kept his distance from me and continually reminded me for a solid 10 minutes {the time it takes to get there} that he was no way, no how going to swim.
Upon walking into the place I stopped at the desk and the look of pyscho-mom must have been on my face, as I'm sure the chick at the desk had her finger on the 911 speed dial button {grin} I told her that my son was giving me a hard time and was refusing to go to swimming lessons - she looked at him and asked why he didn't want to go - his reply, "I just don't want to".  Ya, as if she had the magical power to make him go - duh!!! -

I'm so done. done. done! 

what happened to boys that want to play hockey? football? soccer? am I from another planet?

when you ask him what he wants to do... his reply:   to play the church organ.

 shrug... the odd part, our church sings a cappella



Chelle said...

Maybe he thinks they need something.

Lynn's Place said...

And so the saga continues...kids man they give us a run for the money Teehee!!! all in the end it will be just fine and you'll look back and have a giggle...and ask your self why you put yourself thru all that...

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