Wednesday, October 5, 2011

sometimes there are days that i just want to pretend that what i have to say is actually read.

you know the people in your life, that make you feel on top of the world? do you have any of those?
i have a few. oddly enough i can't see any of them without paying out a wad of money {deep sigh} not to mention they don't even know either. or care...

i need to focus on the realities of my life...

left to right: Kelly Russell, me and Séan McCann
                                       Séan and the Committed played Sept. 30th in Buffalo

 ...and as much as I *WISH* i could spend WAY more time listening to these guys sing and play, and share their stories, reality is I can't.

I need to embrace the fun times we did spend together - Friday afternoon the hubs and I head to Buffalo. We had dinner at the Olive Garden - I've been wanting to do that with him for a VERY LONG time... I wish we would have had more time to relax and enjoy our time. But we shuttled off to meet up with our friends that we were also going to the show. We were right up there at the front of the line, and my pure joy and happiness slowed right down... when the security guy told me I couldn't bring my camera in :( 
once we were let in, I found a bit of happiness in the form of liquid in a cup with ice ;)
I got a front right and center seat and couldn't wipe the smile off my face no matter what... Séan, Kelly and Craig donned the stage and they made incredible music and sang harmoniously.
my ears and eyes were in heaven :)
I knew the ice was having an effect on me as at one point I really felt like I was dreaming and I most definitely did NOT want to wake up! ;) 
After the encore we made our way out in hopes to catch hugs, autographs and chats with the guys. As luck would have it, Séan & Kelly came out to meet and greet their fans. I am unsure why Craig didn't come out - I was hoping to get one of his cd's but there weren't any to buy. 
Before long the guys were off to settle up their business and we were invited to join them at the bar - hello??? pardon me? 
can you say DREAM COME TRUE???  what can I say? when I am in the right company, and have consumed the right amount of ice {grin} I like to have a GOOD time!
We headed off to the bar - lord knows I needed more ice ;) 
Kim, Brenda, my new friends Molly & John and Steve & I, were joined by Séan, Kelly and Johnny. At one point, I had my husband on my left talking to Kelly about home brew, and Séan McCann on my right taking his shoe off to show us he was gellin'  {LOL} 
I got a hug so big from him, i wondered if he passed out ;)

oh the fun i had! time flew by and we closed the bar... watched our staggering friends head for the hotel {across the street} and we headed for home.

I haven't had THAT much fun in a VERY long time! :) 

thanks to my hubs for letting me out to play.

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MoODFoto said...

I do so care. And I Also read. I'm happy for you to be getting to enjoy times like this one, and hope you have many more.

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