Saturday, October 15, 2011


 scared ya didn't i? ;)

 miss me?

 lots going on these days - but nothing TOO exciting...

 thing 2 lost her '2 front teeth'
{she was home sick with a flu bug this week, so she looks kinda funky in this pic}

This art work totally cracked me up!
the bottom is a bit hard to see, it says:
"Don pick your nose"
I can't tell you HOW impressed I am, that my child is being taught these valuable lessons in school!
too bad this isn't taught to drivers while at red lights!

to some people this hair might look messy, or unruly...
but I *LOVE* her hair!!!
of course I'm bias, but wish I was so pretty!

I am so proud of this little munchkin!
she's a spark again this year, and is doing swimmer 1 and doing her best!

thing 1... he is in cubs this year, and I'm going to look into getting him involved in music.
He is clearly uninterested in sports of any kind - even tho' it eats me up inside.
I want him to at LEAST try stuff - then he will know if he likes it or not.
he just says everything is stupid.  {sigh}
he would make a kickass football player, he's totally built for it.

other news...

this Thursday I'm going to another house concert, this time I'm going to see a group called
the once  check them out!! I can't wait! :)

Also have some big anniversary plans coming up!
another night with Séan McCann & the Committed
november 3rd in Toronto
mr. h and I were married 6 years after our first date on the same day as our first date.

see, told ya nothing that interesting to say :P

I've been crocheting a fair bit lately, as well as attempting to spend time with mr. h
{even tho' he watches the WORSE shows & movies EVER made!}
just sayin'
also been trying to keep on top of this crazy house!

Life is good these days.

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