Monday, November 10, 2008

it's BELLA time!

....who? BELLA! come ON you MUST know the Stamping Bella! Also soon to be released SCRAPPING Bella!!! I *heart* Bella's :D

*click here ----> Stamping Bella <---- to see what I'm going on and on about!

I'm going to challenge myself, I don't have a TON of bella's (at least not NEAR as many as I *WISH* I did ;) but I'm going to attempt to make a card each day -as life permits- using each and every one of the bella stamps that I own. This will also include her other lines that you can also see at her website!

So here's the first! Anyone want to join the fun, just post a link to your card in the comment section! :D


VexedAngel said...

Cuteness! I love Bellas, but I haven't bought any--don't plan to, either, but they sure are cute! There's a motorcycle one, I think, and a shopping one? that I seem to remember.

Love the shimmer and all the polka dots everywhere!!

{S} said...

I'll play! I have my Bella ready!

pat said...

Great card!!
I will play along...I'm a bellaholic too! what a fun idea!!
I have one question how do I post a link? (I'm new to all this blogging stuff)


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