Tuesday, February 24, 2009

b/c I HATE drama!

March 12, 1976
Lucky Color: Mustard ~ew!
Personality Strengths: Bravery, Compassion ~some days.
Personality Weakness(es): Impatience ~true!
Successful Career Path: Fashion ~interesting... have you SEEN my wardrobe?
Sense of Humor Style: Sarcastic ~NO WAY!
Adjectives to Describe You: bold, enterprising

Description:Mature and understanding - you are the wise person of the group. Cautiously optimistic by nature, you have a better and more balanced perspective on things are you as compared to the people you associate with - everyone turns to you for advice, as they should!

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{S} said...

ok you gotta post the link to that inquiry, I want to do it too!

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