Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ooooh MORE ???

you mean 2 blog posts in ONE DAY?! {GASP!} :O is it possible?

yup - apparently so! I've mentioned before that I took on a challenge (on FlickR called 366 -1) that has been just that - a CHALLENGE! to take a picture a day for a year! so far I'm on track , but it's been hard. Some days go by and I think what in the world am I going to take a pic of today??? then other days I can easily {and I mean EASILY!} snap 50-150 pics in a lick! ;) LOL
Today I am going to struggle with which pic to use as my potd -picture of the day. I was planning to use one of the new toofy monster - but then I got outside froze my cahoonah's off {what are cahoonah's anyway? - and do I have them?}

I spoted a cardinal - btw I'm a bird freak - just so ya know ;) in case ya didn't. And I SUCK at getting pics of them. usually b/c I'm NEVER ready and end up just starring at them instead. Yesterday I spotted a cardinal and his wife, and as per usual by the time I got my camera ready - they were GONE!
TODAY! I saw him - and I stalked him like a paparazzi! after 46 pics - only about 3 are any good. I need more practice...

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