Friday, May 15, 2009

once upon a time....

.....there was a girl, who just could NOT ride a bicycle. She tried and tried, however crash after crash it was becoming obvious that perhaps maybe riding a bike just wasn't for her! Crashes that included losing 2 teeth on the sidewalk!

Years flew by and the girl grew up and married. Her husband couldn't understand why she didn't like to ride a bike - so he bugged her and bugged her so much that she tried again - this time she swallowed a bug and it gagged her and made her vomit. She was NOT happy. She put her bike away and never touched it again...

Today her husband had an idea, "let's go for a bike ride" -DEEP SIGH- The girl just wanted to play with her stamps/paper and Ink!

Alas, I'm going for a STUPID bike ride, wish me luck my friends. I just got my 2 front teeth looking good after 24 years! SO HELP ME if I fall he's gonna PAY! {grumble, grumble}

I am almost finished a stationary set -my first one- and provided this bike ride doesn't kill me, I'll take and post pics when we get back! ;)


{S} said...

LOL!!! good luck!

TammyB said...

Oh no! Maybe the third times a charm?? Try to have some fun.

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