Tuesday, May 12, 2009

sahWEET blog candy! ~check this out!!!

My friend Tina makes sahWEET cards, she's got some awesome blog candy up for grabs have a peek! Click HERE to Jump over to Tina's Blog!

and how bout me... well, not much going on right now. Been working on the tan - {snicker} not on purpose, just been spending a LOT of time outside. Dawson started Rookie {baseball} tonight was his first practice - sadly he holds up his hand and makes a very small gap between his thumb and forefinger (like I'm squishing your head) and says, "I only like it this much". :(
I am sad b/c I LOVED sports when I was little, and I only DREAMED that my parents would put me in organized sports/teams, so to have the chance to do this for our own kids and have them look at us in near disgust breaks my heart. {sigh} Ally has watched her brother from the sidelines play soccer last year -he hated it. We put them in swimming and they also hated that...
Ally takes part in irish step dancing and although she says she likes it, she sure goofs off a lot. Now it's baseball - I'm beginning to think they are playing us! ~buggers!

Life has been throwing me a few curve balls - some days just really suck! ;) so I look forward to the next! :)

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