Wednesday, May 27, 2009

transforming is NOT my forte!

So my bff Shannon, showed me a link to this blog: Made. *check out the shirt dress.

Of course I FELL IN LUST with it... the dress the concept the whole SHE-BANG! ;)

So a shopping we'a went! I found the PERFECT stain-free, white linen men's shirt and attempted with a few errors a dress for Ally-bug -- you can't see my errors, and she doesn't care, but I'm very out of touch with my pattern creating abilities. I did what I could ;)

Well? what do ya think?


dana said...

It turned out great! I LOVE white!
We'd love you to upload it to our flickr group!

{S} said...

:~O It's awesome!!!! I love how you did the sleeves, so perfect for summer!! I so wanna learn to sew... I'm going to take a class at JoAnns after I move. :~P hold me to it!

:::b r a n d i::: said...

You did awesome!! Wow!

Laurie said...

SO cute!! or better SEW cute!!

Mandie said...

You always amaze me with your sewing talent!! It looks great (Ally too!!:)

tina werner said...

you should go into business!!!
i love it!

VexedAngel said...

Oh, Jen, that is beautiful! Love love love it, her pink little cheeks and pretty eyelashes def set it off. ;-)

TammyB said...

Oh Jen - that is adorable!!

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