Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 2 -summer vacay-

...how many more days til school you wonder? well let me tell you~ for us it's 70! I have to fill 70 days up with STUFF to do with my kids - mostly just the three of us. Today is day 2... I haven't gotten a picture yet today but I have to say I did try! I decided that it was a great day to go strawberry picking! I even brought my camera - however, if you ever tried to pick berries with *MY* children you would learn FAST why I don't have a picture of the event. Don't get me wrong they were a delight but strangely they become INSTANTLY shy and quiet around people they don't know. {this definitely has it's perks!} ;)


VexedAngel said...

ooooh, but those berries look DELISH! Yum!!!

{S} said...

great pic!

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