Tuesday, June 9, 2009

well... I lied!

...let's starts back to Friday!
Buskerfest was in nearby Dundas, so we took the kids and joined some friends and had a GREAT evening out!

We had supper there - I didn't even *THINK* of taking a picture of it... it was some crazy chicken wrap thing... it was ok, but Steve makes better! ;) We had ice-cream and our friends bought a bag of kettle corn - I had a few handfuls and kick myself for not buying a bag - I've attempted to make it twice now at home and failed :( {ahem! Shannon the recipe please?!} I'm BEGGING!!! ;)
Fast forward to Saturday - we were woken by the phone, it *was* after 9am ;) Steve's parents were calling to confirm their visit... so I ran out to get stuff for lunch. They arrived shortly after 11am ~ while preparing lunch disaster struck! :( I don't remember what happened first, but my mother in law was helping to empty the dishwasher and a travel mug fell out of the cupboard and broke 2 or 3 we weren't even sure, of my sandwich plates. {oops!} we have had our set for 10 years this summer I suppose we are due for something new? ;) THEN! :( the REAL disaster... Our former next door neighbours went their seperate ways when the moved out. However, the guy didn't have a place ready for his motorcycle so asked if he could store it here. He said he'd be back the next day {Saturday} to pick it up. He knew that we needed to be able to move it as my inlaws were coming and picking up 'stuff' out of our garage. After the stuff was out of the garage Steve was switching his own bike to the back of the garage and moving his buddies to the front so that he was able to easily get it out. While Steve was putting his own bike in, the other one fell over on the kickstand side and went down. Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net UGH! Broke the signal cover and the clutch lever on the left side, scratched a few spots - and the helmet that was on the side of the bike. Steve tried calling him ALL day Saturday, Sunday and Monday - FINALLY got a hold of him last night. He came up and now we have ordered the parts to fix it for him. But really this could have happened to anyone. I feel SO bad for Steve - and if that wasn't bad enough the EXACT same thing almost happened to HIM with his bike yesterday morning! ugh.
When my inlaws left the kids had begged long enough that they went home with them. We ended up sitting around visiting with our neighbour friends and played cards etc. Needless to say after wrapping up that night at 1:30am Steve wasn't moving too fast/far on Sunday - so we did NADDA! well I sewed a bit.... which brings me to my "lie" I said I'd have the dress done to show you and it is just needing the ruffle attached to the bottom so today for SURE! ;)
ok, and one last little story...
My son is playing his first year of baseball it's called "Rookie ball" and it's preparing them for hardball. A pitching machine pitches to them... Daws isn't exactly a sports star but we continuously encourage him and he is doing AWESOME!!! there team has a number of first years and so far they are 2 wins-1 loss Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.netFree Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net I'm SO happy for them!!! There first game they lost 19-1 it really was a nightmare... then they played the same team 2 weeks later and won 8-7 then they won again last night 7-2 Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net They play again Wednesday and again Thursday!!
ok... back to your regular broadcast!


{S} said...

liar, liar pants on fire!! LOL! I would have opted for Lazy after reading that. Poor bike and plates... At least there was a balance of fun ;~)
Go Dawson! that's so great! I'm looking forward to some action shots mom!

:::b r a n d i::: said...

sounds like quite a weekend!

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