Thursday, July 23, 2009

cRaZy DaY!

I couldn't resist posting a pic of a potato that was in the bag - funny eh? it was "meant" for me ;)

By 11am I had the chicken cooking and the potato's peeled, washed and chopped ~for supper!

It rained ALL night and ALL day! So the kids and I spent the day inside...they were extremely overtired. They managed to get through the day until 3pm... then it was like a LANDSLIDE! They spun out of control it was really weird - I decided it was in my best interest to stay calm and out of it. So I did ;) I was really proud of keeping my cool - I have a BAD temper {blush} and when the kids rile me up ~WATCHOUT! 5:15 couldn't have came fast enough. Steve got home, we ate and then he drained their last molecule of energy in a bike ride to the park. I was able to get the cards all finished up for the workshop I have tomorrow evening. I'm relieved! I'll have to take pics tomorrow ;)

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VexedAngel said...

hee hee I love that potato, and obviously, it LOVES you!

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