Tuesday, October 6, 2009

...it's time.

for that update!

where to begin? For a while now I've not really been 'feelin' the love for the stampin' company that I am involved with. I had made up my mind that Stampin'Palooza was going to help me decide whether or not I want to continue with it. I did not have a great experience - I'm not about to lie about it. I'm teetering towards letting it all go. I haven't taken action yet, but I'm sure I'm done. What does this mean? nothing really. I am still planning to have my own little *thing* helping friends with cardmaking/creating. I even hope to get back into scrapbooking. I think for now it mostly just means that *I* will be able use whatever products I want. However I have an awesome friend that also sells SU! and has offered to help out my customers. I might rejoin if a 'good' deal arises .... we'll see. My demo-ship is still 'good' until December 31st.

So now that is off my chest! :D

My hips & back have been hurting a lot lately. it sucks.

I went to the Mill Store in Port Dover on Sunday. I *LOVE* that place! :D I picked up some fabrics that I needed {oh shut up!} ;) LOL - for Ally's halloween costume. She started out wanting to be Strawberry Shortcake, and I did find a costume for $25. I was sort of relieved, but then she changed her mind... and now wants to be Minnie Mouse {sitting down?} $54.50!!!
Tell me *THAT* isn't crazy?! Ok, ya she will wear it everyday! She will probably even start to only eat cheese, but I was NOT taking out a loan for a halloween costume! So I went on a fabric hunt! :D I got all fabrics and the thread/zipper for less than $20! Ya I have to make it, but that's part of the fun.
Dawson wants to be Frankenstein. I found his giddy-up at Value Village (VV) for $10 make-up for $3 and I still have black hair paint-spray from last year.
I need to figure out MY costume - Maybe I'll go scour the VV racks on Friday.

Steve got the flashing up around the door last night while I took Ally to dancing - she LOVES her dancing classes. She wanted to stay after her class was over to watch her teacher take her own class. I love how Ally has such enthusiasm!

I think that's a fair update. Ally's battling a titch of a sore throat, nothing a little honey won't help :) Dawson can FINALLY tie his own shoes - {eye roll} ;)

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