Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oh ya...

I forgot to mention that I got the other sock finished! So I can now put sock making on my resume ;) My dh took today off, his dad is coming and I believe they are planning to tear down the current diningroom - which will become kitchen -open concept dining/living area. I so so SO cannot wait for this to all be done! I'm excited!! :D First the closet came out...

So today when they aren't needing my help, I'm going to start on a pair of mittens from this pattern called Newfie Mitts. The pair I'm making will be for Ally and she picked pink and green, no wait, black and purple, no wait, purple and green, no I mean, um um, um, um, um, I mean PINK AND PURPLE! {eye roll} and yes that is how she decides on EVERYTHING! wonder where she gets her indecisive-ness? Me or her dad? ;) LOL

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