Friday, February 19, 2010

glad it's Friday!

I have some babbling to do ;) I figured ya know my blog, do whatever I want sorta thing ;) LOL

I've been watching the Olympics as if there is nothing else going on in the world! My kid came home and asked what I was going to give up for Lent? then before I could answer, he suggested I give up watching the Olympics b/c that's all that's ever on our tv ;) {grin} silly boy!

Last night I really wanted to watch both the mens hockey game and grey's anatomy -so I tuned into my thoughts and told Steve, "Canada's going to win, 3-2" and I went up to watch grey's. I came downstairs when it was over and low and behold - Canada won 3-2! :D woot woot!!

I found a new sweet little bear stamp -Popcorn the Bear- and I love him! :) The images are HUGE too! and CHEAP! I tried to make him look fuzzy... what do ya think? don't ya just lovey him?

Otherwise, not up to much... hope you have a great Friday! :)


Laurie (Wally) said...

Where did you get Popcorn he is cute...

More like....etc. said...

Laurie - got him at the Memory Keeper ;) better hurry... they're selling fast! :D

Sherri said...

love that little popcorn bear. so cute.

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