Tuesday, February 9, 2010

shall we dance?

I had put A's dancing on hiatus, I didn't realize the "winter" was going to be so bleak. But it was nice for a break. Mondays just don't seem to be the best evening for dancing... She's been off for Dec, Jan and Feb. however, we're going back for the beginning of March. I have noticed she's been talking a LOT about ballet, so this might be the end for my irish dancer :( However, I'm not *really* sad, all I really want is for each of my kids to have passion for something. Even if it was chess (please oh PLEASE don't ever let it be chess) ;) {grin} I use to think I was an ok chess player til I played Steve -ugh! now I can't play chess anymore.

We might get some winter today/tomorrow so I hear... we'll see, I have my doubts.

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