Monday, March 15, 2010

dental work

do you like it or hate it?
do you fret and put it off or do you show up 5 minutes early for your appt.?

I decided at a young age that going to the dentist was inevitable... so I chose to enjoy it. Yes, I know I'm WEIRD! :D ~that shouldn't be anything new to you ;)

today I had to get a filling replaced - yes, I showed up 5 minutes or was it 7? regardless I was early :D the chick that showed up after me, had sleep creases on her face... LOL I was like holy CRAP it's noon!?!? and you have SLEEP CREASES?!?! ~those were the days...

today is day 1 of the march break. The kids were at my mom's Sat. til this morning... then they attended VBS at our church. I think they are EXTREMELY over tired, they're a bit cranky!

I can see the sun FINALLY peeking out - YIPPIE!!!! :D

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