Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bright sunny day

can you believe it? it's a GORGEOUS day, and at 9:28am, I'm already burdened with a stupid headache. Sometime's I think they come on due to lack of food/water, however I have eaten AND drank water {and coffee} so what gives?!?! ugh... must have a bit of stress {sigh}
I can finally share this card... since the recipient has received it! :)

-popcorn bear stamp, coloured with copic markers

Hope today gets better! :)


Sassette said...

Jen I sure hope that you can get rid of that headache soon! I totally understand what you are going through and it is just NO fun!
LOVE your card! I don't think there is anything any cuter than POPCORN bear anyways! I love me some bears:)

VexedAngel said...

Such great coloring! I suck at that! Cute card, too. :-)

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