Monday, April 12, 2010

pass it on...

remember that game, you'd pass along a message or something and by the time it got back to the original person it was usually messed up? well I would most definitely be the person to mess up the message! I have had an issue with my hearing since I was fairly young, but have never been actually diagnosed with a 'problem'. Many people in my life just know that I'll likely ask them to repeat that at LEAST twice... ;) I have been having crazy hearing issues again recently, and today {while I'm typing this in fact} I think niagara falls is in my head!

ok, enough babbling... {hello? MY blog remember!} ;)

so you do NOT want to miss having a gander at this AMAZING blog!!! {not to mention she's got CANDY!} ;)

today, today.... hmm... what to do....

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Sassette said...

Thanks for sharing this Jen! Will pass it along for sure! I just LOVE her cards as well!

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