Tuesday, April 27, 2010

random post

I've been in a HUGE funk! I have a ton on my mind... stuff I don't really want to dish, think it's time to call the dr. I really need to focus and craft to keep myself busy - {sigh} ugh!

hugs and encouragement is EXTREMELY appreciated!


Sassette said...

Oh Jen, it is so hard when you get in a funk, but if life matters happen, you must put that concentration in that direction. Get your butt to the doctor, find out what is going on, and then perhaps your mind will be at ease and the creating will flow! Getting into a funk is hard, but when your mind is bogged down, it is too hard to be creative.
Hope all is well with you, and that it isn't anything too serious! Keep smilin' and take baby steps to creating! It will all eventually come back full force!


How about making a card to share with us??? Come on girl, I know you can do it!

Just 'T' said...

Hey Jen...I don't know what's going on, but if you think you need to go see a doctor, then I really think you should. I don't have any profound words...other then

Keep Smilin'


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