Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a day in the life of *me*...

had a brain wave *more like a fart* ;)

today I am going to go thru my day...

~woke up at 2am or was it 3? doesn't matter it was an ungodly hour! I could hear ds's cd player going {the boy falls asleep to music, and last night *I* fell asleep before him so it was on REPEAT ALL NIGHT! and I was WAY too lazy to get up to shut it off so I rolled over and went back to sleep}

~dragged my tired self out of bed, to grab a shower, realized it was too late to get it before the kid's I watch in the a.m arrived... so I waited for them to get here.

~had coffee while the daddy took ds and the O.C girl to school, {the O.C boy is sick}

~came down to wake up Pearl who was waiting for me :D it's SO fun now that we've re-established a new loving relationship made us some toast and had another coffee, threw dd a banana {b/c she wanted a freezie, chips and cookies - we compromised on a banana until she made a more practical breakfast choice}

right now... I'm computing.

at some point today I'm hoping to:
-do laundry
-get some more groceries that are on sale
-who knows, maybe I could do some creating!!

today's menu:

breakfast: coffee and raisin toast
lunch: steak & peppers
supper: grilled chicken pesto wraps

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Just 'T' said...

hmm...chicken pesto wraps? I think you should post the recipe at Scraptures, that sounds yummy~~

I so hear ya on being up too early..It sucks, but hopefully it doesn't happen often :)

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