Saturday, May 29, 2010

my crisis

I have misplaced my media card. I'm so distraught about it that I have caused myself a migraine :( thankfully I already moved the pictures off of it, but where on earth have I put it? I mean my house is by NO means big. {deep sigh}

Thankfully Lynn had a charged up battery and we did manage to get pictures of the Scout parade today -but I feel so lost, I had plans to take the kids to the safari tomorrow but without the camera, there really isn't much point. I am going to have to put the money out to get a new one and I bet a buck I'll find it as soon as I do.

The parade was quick - thankfully ;) 1/2 hour we dashed soon as the boys were done - I think they were about middle of the pack or so.

my head is feeling crushed -

our pool is almost opened for that I am thankful.

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Sassette said...

Oh Jen.....stress is so not good for the head! I am so grateful to hear that you have since found your card though!

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