Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pearl = potty mouth

wooo! three posts in one day! it's nothing short of a miracle LOL
I have noticed the LACK of comments -
but apparently I have followers - go figure :P

Pearl is a bird after my own heart...she just totally stole MY voice! and said.....

be warned it's slightly vulgar.....

".....oH sH!T...."

zany bird I LOVE Her! :D
notice her feathers are growing back????

I forgot to mention that I had a dream last night that somebody
suggested that I should change her name??? strange!

I also made her this AWESOME new toy!
~think I could sell them for BIG bucks? {snicker}


Chelle said...

My bird would probably say a lot worse..except I don't have a bird.

Sassette said...

Jen.....Pearl is too cute! She is such a pretty bird, and well, that wasn't such a bad word! Wonder where she might have learned it from though...LOL

:::b r a n d i::: said...


Laurie (Wally) said...

OH Pearl.. are you sure she is not my bird... LOL!!!
too funny...

Just 'T' said...

OHhhhh I love your bird...she's so pretty. We used to have a cockatiel..a long time ago :(

I love the potty mouth hahahahahaha ...then you can say..Hey, blame the bird..wasn't me :) :)

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