Thursday, May 6, 2010

probably should have mentioned...

~*THIS*~ is my baby... Heidi.
She'll be searching for Abby next time we go 'home', I'm sure.
Heidi turns 4 in August this year.

Abby {pictured in the post below} was our family~farm dog. She had become more and more crippled lately, until yesterday, when she didn't get up at all. It was sad to hear about her end of life with us, but I really am happy in my heart that she no longer suffers. Abby was 13 years old this year.


Just 'T' said...

ahh,Jen..I'm sorry to hear :( It's never easy when a pet always amazes me how much they become a part of our lives.

Sassette said...

Jen, Heidi is beautiful! I am glad you are at peace with everything! Although I know it is very sad, it is good to know that Abby is no longer suffering!

Laurie (Wally) said...

Oh Jen.. it is hard.. Heidi will miss her pal.. Abby lived a long life... (((HUGS)))

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