Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yipppie... baseball season has offiically begun! D had his first team practice today and picked up his shirt and hat -pants weren't ready yet. First game is on Tuesday...for both kids. A is playing t'ball :) hopefully it's better organized than the park we were at last year. We had an AMAZING coach last year, but the organization was pitiful.

So I know by probably mid July I'll be cursing all the trips to the ball park LOL but for now I say BRING IT ON! :D

not too much "new" going on...same ol' thing.


Sassette said...

Oh this is pretty fun stuff, Jen! Bet the kids are going to have a blast and well you will get lots of great new photos to scrap, if nothing else!!!

Laurie (Wally) said...

YEAH!!! good luck to the kids.. and the Mom... That is why we switched too.. and the boys also wanted to do soccer instead... and it is so well organized... love that.. can't wait to see pictures...

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