Monday, June 21, 2010

i'm hot

no not conceited, just plain ol' HOT! like sweaty grossness... dh and the kids went for a dip in the pool and so when he came out he said he felt 'refreshed' and cooled down. *I* don't really feel like going in the pool - so I am made to suffer... b/c he doesn't think the a/c needs to be on. {sigh} I'm not really complaining, just wasting time more or less... I put my foot in my mouth offering to make baby shower invitations - and the reception made me feel a little odd - so I've not really had my heart in it. I should have stuck with a plain-jane design, but uh... well, er, have you MET me? :P LOL Plain and JEN don't rhyme for a reason ;)

so.... ya! SEW, I'd SO much rather be SEWING! {I'm secretly hoping for a rainy week} mostly so I can sew and paper craft :) without feeling like I *SHOULD* be outside. and so I can also put the a/c on :P LOL

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Sassette said...

Well do we get to see how the invites turned out? or are you just going to claim that you got them done? LOL

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