Wednesday, June 9, 2010

might be missing for a bit

Never fear.. I'll be back - I actually don't really even know if I'll be "gone" but my dh is the KING of saving money ~ so he talked me into trying the VOIP phone and I HATE IT! so we're switching back and I think in the meantime some techy person is coming to do something that might cut off my net service for a bit - but you likely wouldn't even notice I was missing :P LOL

It's a PERFECT indoor crafty day! it's a dreary rainy day.

tomorrow is my "Friday" this week!! :D yippee!!


Sassette said...

Well Jen, you will know that I miss you!!!! It is a good indoor crafty sort of whatcha going to make? LOL

Just 'T' said...

well I would miss you :) I hope you don't lose internet...and I don't even know what a VOIP phone is LOL

Hope you are having a good day

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