Thursday, June 3, 2010

nothing witty to say

My head feels like it's about to pop off! everytime I cough, bend down, clear my throat or move too fast - my head feels like it's FULL of combustible pressure... very weird.

I am hoping to get out to do some hooking this evening ;) {giggle} that means I need to felt some wool! :D I'm planning to get some assistance on sketching a new pattern - I have gathered up greys and red for my next picture to hook - I'm going to REALLY jump into a challenge. I'm going to try to do a picture of Pearl! I have to find a decent one. I also plan to do a picture of Heidi at some point, but I think since the bird is smaller than the dogs head - it might? be easier. Great place to start! My first one isn't done yet... I need to cut more fabric, and after being spoiled with using the cutter I don't want to do it by hand :P LOL

so today looks dreary outside - perfect day for indoor activities ~you know like laundry and cleaning... unless somebody wants to go SHOPPING? ;) {grin}

Have a great day!


VexedAngel said...

sinus pressure, girl! Get some Tylenol sinus/allergy and work it! Or, alternatively, take a nap and let Pearl fix lunch. :-) I'm BACK!!!!!!! SUMMER VACAY YEAH!

Sassette said...

Oh Jen I totally agree about this weather we are having! I so need a break from it all!

I am off to teach tonight, so no such luck in sticking around the house to do anything fun!

Have a good one though! Good luck with your hooking...LOL

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