Saturday, June 26, 2010



I totally forgot to post about our turtle! Last week a dad showed up to pick up his son -that I watch afterschool, and asked if we had a turtle? I was thrown off b/c the only "pets" we have are the dog and the dinosaurs {birds} ;) turns out a snapping turtle was on our lawn! it was only about 5-6" round but where on earth would it have came from? we live in the CITY and there aren't any ponds around us. After the boss got home we had supper and took the kids and the snapper to find a home.

the boss was bugging me about how we probably disrupted the eco system of where we release the snapper - I think it was a better option than letting him die on our lawn! don't you?

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Sassette said...

Oh Jen....he is just a little guy! I honestly think that you did the right thing by taking him somewhere that has water. I am sure he will do just fine....stands a much better chance there than on your lawn for sure!

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