Friday, July 23, 2010

did you think I was DONE?

Ha ha... so NOW I can tell you about yesterday! LOL

My friend Lynn and I decided to take the kid's to Marineland {remember it was going to be the summer of Marineland??} Anyway, Lynn invited Lisa - who's son wasn't feeling well morning of :( so they didn't go (I don't even know if Lisa reads my blog - hmm... if not I could say anything I want about her) ;) snicker... ok - where was I? oh ya, Lisa - we're going to go again in August! we'll keep ya posted.

So my "darling" husband decided he wanted to ditch work and join us on our Marineland adventure - I was kinda happy about it, as I seriously didn't want to drive there and back listening to the creatures that keep calling me mom, whine and complain the whole way. They weren't too bad ~probably b/c the dad was driving.

My husband.

as great of intentions that I'm sure he has... SERIOUSLY needs to let me have *SOME* control. I mean, I know and relized that Engineers are a different breed - but OH MY SNAP! I could have strangled him in the morning.... we were suppose to meet Lynn and co. at 10:30 we LEFT our house at 10:30 -can you say annoyed???? I was so pissed I didn't know what to say so I just didn't bother.

fast forward.

Have you been to an amusement park lately? if you like to people watch really it's the BEST place on earth - well, next to the mall -which I might add *IS* airconditioned... anyway, I felt like a minority. Not a bad thing, just sayin. I'm seriously thinking of stalking up on mirrors from the dollar store to hand out next time we're there b/c HOLY COW - these people have $40+ to throw away at amusement parks but cannot POSSIBLY own a mirror. There were white shorts with black thongs on chicks that were.... let's just say it doesn't matter that they were fat, you just don't wear a BLACK thong with WHITE shorts! the end.
Then there was a B.I.T.C.H - and I know this b/c she had it written right on the front of her tube top that was mistakenly purchased a size too small - I mean COME ON! She was talented, and I know that every person that walked by her would agree with me b/c she could, keep a lit cigarette in her mouth with about 1 inch of ashes ready to fall, while LEANING over her baby while changing his diaper -without dropping a single ash on him!!!! pretty amazing huh?? {gah!}

~some people just really shouldn't have kids!~

They really need to do more with that place. Each section is a bajillion miles away from the next, and the whole thing is based on "MARINEland" -last time I checked MARINE involves water no? there is not ONE single water related ride [that is open yet] ;) Ocean Odyssey is going to have water, but it doesn't look like you get wet. ~what's the point?

I have to boast now about my accomplishement. I am not a ride junky at ALL - I will do them but do NOT enjoy it one bit. I know you can't see exactly HOW FREAKIN' tall this is... but let me say it's TALL! you have to walk a 150 foot high hill to get to the base of it, then the ride shoots you up 300 feet and then drops you like a hot potato! I was even polite enough to appologize ahead of time to the stranger beside me if I was to barf on him ;) ~but I didn't.

So are you wondering why *I* like Marineland - since I don't "like" rides?
well I do enjoy the amazing whales, and dolphin show.
{altho' the dolphin and sealion shows were skipped yesterday -it's the same act all the time}
There are a LOT of Baluga's at Marineland - momma's, babies and daddy's too!! I forget how many I counted but over a dozen! There were 2 Orcas there also - but I didn't get a close up shot of either of them. Only this one {below} with D's head in there ;)

We live about an hour'ish away -depending on traffic etc. and on the way home we saw a Ferrari! it was red and cool - of course I figured the guy was going to let it rip to get into traffic but he didn't. HOWEVER a JACKA$$ behind him driving an older piece of crap car decided to nearly merge right into the side of our truck while we're all doing 95km/h can you say CAN'T BREATH??? that was really not cool - I wish I got the license b/c I would have reported. JERK!

happy now? can I have 2 days off? LOL ;)


Just 'T' said...

I hear ya on 'some people shouldn't have kids'..makes you sort of think where these people's brains are..

I've been to Marineland once..before going we were told that once you've seen it, you'll likely never go back and that's sort of the way we feel. This was years about 8 at least and everything was far apart then...alot of walking!!

Sounds like you've had a busy summer so far...have fun~

Sassette said...

Glad you were able to have a fun day with the kids!

{S} said...

I love to people watch. That's real entertainment. However, kids should not be a part of that equation, it makes me sad to see the next generation of those types, knowing that they will follow those foot steps. Sad.

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