Friday, July 23, 2010

it's time...

are you ready?

I don't know if this will be long or short

~depends on how many times I get interupted ;)

day 1 {Monday} On our way to Carleton Place I took the kids to see "the BiG apple" {in Colbourne, ON} they thought it was pretty fascinating. We sat down and decided to have dessert first - I only had "pocket change" and my debit card was compromised - the night before we left. Nice! b/c why wouldn't that happen to me right? Vacation means "dessert first", so I got us a piece of pie to share - and good thing too, neither of the kids liked it much. It was pretty much just apples (and they weren't cooked enough) and they were big chunks. Perfect for anyone who doesn't like a sweet pie.... we however LIKE sweetened pie! ;) we climbed the stairs ALL the way to the top! both were a little nervous. We had our pinic lunch tailgate style ;)

day 2 -it rained we went shopping for a bit, saw some of the downtown buildings etc. {pictures on on my 'real' camera that I haven't downloaded yet} McCraps for lunch, then home to make homemade pizza - that evening we went to see Despicable Me - funny~cute movie :)

day 3 - Aunt Colleen took us to a Christmas store in a small hamlet? called Jasper. There we saw 2 reindeer named Star & Spirit. {pic below}
there were 5 miniature horses and one {quarter horse?} it was kinda funny 3 of them were WAY out in the pasture, and we were whistling and calling and clicking and making any noise you can possibly imagine that you might THINK would persuade a horse to come to you... without luck. Finally Ally yells: "HEY HORSE! GET OVER HERE and SEE ME!" wondering how that worked out? check out the pic below. {you can see the other 2 in this field in the distance}

***having issues going to end this here and continue in a new post***

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Great photos Jen!

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