Tuesday, July 6, 2010


School's been out for almost a week now! So far we have been keeping busy, having fun, trying not to melt and keep it all as inexpensive as possible! Great success I'm happy to report.

I'm also still on the hunt for chairs for our table...it's not been easy! I have an idea in my head, I don't even care if the chairs match - these are the general styles I'm looking for... most favorite are these first two and I also really like the last one, the 2 in between are kinda - "ok"

My aunt is visiting and we're planning to go and see Eclipse on Wednesday evening :D I can't wait...

The kids had their eye exams today, both can see great - however Dawson is colour blind - {so is my dad} the dr. said it's mild.

I think it's time to visit the pool-io! it was 80*F yesterday!!


Anonymous said...

Excited to see what you're going to do with the chairs!

Sassette said...

Love the chairs Jen!

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