Wednesday, August 11, 2010

dead battery

I am having a day... it's ok. I've had better tho' ;)
The AllyCat is on movie number 3? or is it 4? she's fever ridden :( poor girl... I was up 1/2 the night with her. She is such a good girl, I'm very blessed. She could be whining and unconsolable, but she's a trooper. She barely complains - doesn't want much. I hope she's feeling better quick!
Pearl was just chatting away and I secretly turned on the camera -
of course... Dead Battery!
darn it! I really am dyin' to share a conversation she has -it's pretty funny {grin}
today... I am just going to do what I can to keep up :)
happy hump day.

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Donna said...

I think Pearl is secretly draining the camera batteries specifically so you can't record her personal and private conversations...

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