Friday, August 27, 2010

it's FriDaY!!!

The kids and I just took Jack for his first 'big walk' around the block... for a first time on a harness & leash he was AWESOME! :D he wanted to walk behind me, beside me and then chase after the kids ~who were riding their bikes :) super cute!!

This upcoming week is our last week of summer break for the kids. At times this summer has dragged on and on and on... and there might have been a second or 2 that I wonder where it went, but those pass VERY quickly.

Pearl met Jack yesterday it was amusing from my perspective - who knew a parrot could puff up to 3 times her usual size? I only held him at a distance while she was safely inside her cage, he didn't even look at her... didn't even caulk his head at her persistent whistles, I think she was insulted.

I'm wishing for a laid back weekend - wishful thinking! wonder if the four legged fur monster will let me sleep in tomorrow? -not likely, but it's ok, I want to go to the market anyway! ;)

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