Thursday, August 5, 2010

kids tell it all!

My O'C friends were over this evening for a swim and chat, at one point the girl~K~ told us that her dad T.O'C has maggots!!! :O I could NOT stop laughing... poor T.O'C that must really suck! ;) LoL

Kitchen update:
I have some pictures to share!!
Many of you were interested in seeing what on earth I've been talking about
when I say we poured a "Concrete Counter" in our new kitchen.
Well here ya go!
here's the ongoing process so far of how it all began...
First Steve dumped the "stuff" onto the driveway
{yup! that's my counter there on the driveway!}

Then he mixed up the colourant-a variation of brown and black.
Kinda looks like a volcano

then there was mixing... a LOT of mixing...
all done by Steve's own 2 hands

then he dumped it one bucket at a time into the framework

Looks kinda like cow dung! HUGE cow dung!

{we all had a hand in trowelling}

nothing wrong with child labor, this kid ain't cheap either! ;)

smooth as glass ...for now

This is what is going on RIGHT NOW above my head... he's grinding.

Do you suppose I should have warned him I was about to take a pic? y'know so as not to give him a heart attack? ;) ooops! my bad...


Laurie (Wally) said...

Great photos Jen. love the child Labour... I can't wait to see it when it is done.. maybe in real life...LOL!!

Donna said...

Ohhhhh looks spectacular, now A will be able to tell all her friends "I made that"
Keep the pics coming, love seeing the progress!
PS do you rent Steve out??? He is very handy!!

{S} said...

how exciting! it's happening!

Sassette said...

So good to see things are progressing there Jen!!!

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