Wednesday, August 4, 2010

miss me yet?

the holidays are 1/2 over. The dh has been working on the kitchen so that's pretty cool, the counters are poured and drying out - he has been working on sanding a bit. I can't wait til it's ALL done!

We have been on the hunt for a camping trailer.

the kids are so BEYOND ready to return to school routine. D is going to drive us all insane. He is the most argumentative child I know!!!! {and yes L.O'C, more than K!!!} I'm going to happy dance the day away on Sept. 7th let me tell ya! ;)

only 34 days to go!!!

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{S} said...

since it's such a PITA to comment via my phone and I have a few minutes on the computer... I'm leaving comments. regardless of whether or not they refer to the post. :~P

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