Wednesday, September 8, 2010

she done good! ;)

they both did good ~today was Allykins first day of Senior Kindergarten :)
She seems happy and really likes her teacher yah!! :D

Daws also really enjoys his class so far this year, and thinks his teacher is the nicest he's had yet!
~whew! ;) I'm really hoping all of this happy goodness lasts! ;)

Today Maggie {my mil} and I went shopping for antiques, remember I was {am} looking for chairs? I found one!!! YAH!!!! only 5 more to go! ;) LOL
She also helped me get the drafting table cleared off and the one sewing dresser pulled out and sorted {a HUGE YAH!!!!} ~I can't even tell you how long I've been wanting to do this!!!!

hopefully I'll get to have some creative friends over soon!! yah!!! :D

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