Tuesday, September 14, 2010

whew! nick of time...

this year Ally wanted a "Dalmations" cake.
I thought oh no problem - wilton make a cake pan and that should be "easy"...
and it was, until I couldn't find the pan!!!!
so I free handed :P
{devil's food cake white & black'ish buttercream icing}

I regretfully didn't get a picture of her with all of her new disney stuffed animals.
but she's thrilled to have *almost* all of them.
I was informed she needs Clarabelle and Pete and their dogs ...


{S} said...

great job on the cake, it turned out so cute! looks like it should be chocolate chip! :~)

Donna said...

wow that cake is fab!
I am sure A loved it...she is such a doll

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