Saturday, September 18, 2010

you are all so funny

did I mention the "anonymous poster" was linked to smut? ya... nice! :

so we're at my inlaws for the weekend farm sitting ~ in general it is SO peaceful here, I *LOVE* it and miss it SO MUCH!!!!!! {deep sigh} but last night I could have strangled 3 of the 4 dogs!
It's the first time I've been back since leaving Heidi here - she attached herself to me as if I was a raw side of beef {that's my girl!} ;) It's Jack's first visit here, so I did anticipate a bit of confusion, but he had me up twice during the night. So when Ginger {the littermate to Daisy- our Jack Russell} started barking I made Steve get up - he just booted her {not literally} outside! Heidi was out so they were fine together. I was really tired, otherwise I would have just stayed up all night. It felt like I did anyway!

I have to take Ally to a bday party today I'm hoping to have a much more peaceful night!

It's SO amazingly beautiful here... I look out the window and the trees are blowing gently, the lake is glistening in the sun and it sounds oh so relaxing... There are OoOodles of monarch butterflies floating every where, I can hear crickets chirping... oh, a turkey volture just flew by.

I wish I could pack up all my friends, and just hang out here and do whatever we want!

Cheers! have a great weekend ~ I'm thinking of each of you!

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Donna said...

If you are packing up friends, please remember me :)

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