Wednesday, October 27, 2010

checking in

Hey how's it goin'?

~Not a lot going on around here...the D'meister is waiting to hear if his strep swab is positive or not. So he's been home the past couple days.
~Today the girl had her pumpkin patch class trip. I was chosen to be a supervisor, but most of the other mom's were overbearing so I just laid low ;) and took pictures {grin}

I am waiting to hear back from a lady regarding a Christmas Bonanza craft sale, I've been crocheting some fun stuff in hopes to sell :) ...if the sale doesn't happen, I'll offer up what I've made on here.

*yawn* see ya...

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Sassette said...

Good luck with the craft sale! I don't know how you get things done in such a short period of time! I would love to do a craft sale sometime, but certainly would need lots of time to prepare!!! LOL

Hope D is feeling better soon!

So where are those pumpkin patch photos????

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