Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan 13

thought I'd offer up a refresher course!

When must I stop?

When the crossing guard is about to enter the roadway with the stop sign in an upright position.
While the crossing guard is on the roadway with the stop sign in an upright position.
You must remain stopped until the children and crossing guard have safely cleared the roadway.
Where must I stop?

A safe distance before reaching the crossing.

Why must I stop?

The STOP sign carried by the crossing guard has the same legal authority as a STOP sign at an intersection.
This authority is defined in the Highway Traffic Act for Ontario.

What if I don't stop?

YOU could be held responsible for seriously injuring a child or the Crossing Guard in the event of an accident.
Three (3) Demerit Points added to your driver's record.
An increase in your driving insurance rates.
A minimum $78.75 fine for not stopping.

Now if I could only get the jacka$$es who DAiLY try to mow down not only our crossing gaurd but our children to LEARN this! I'd be a happy momma!
geez people - Tim Horton's *WILL* not run out of freakin' coffee before you get there!!! I can assure you. Not only do they need to STOP when we're trying to cross but they need to SLOW DOWN when driving through ALL school zones!

today I'm going to get my hair done - yah!! :)
and it's day 11 ;)

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