Friday, January 7, 2011

Jan 7th

Week 1 is in the bag! yah!! :)
I'm happy to report that I have successfully blogged EVERYDAY! :D
Tonight will be a test. A test of determination, and will-power.
I will be on his side, I hope he soon relizes that he is loved so VERY much.
My little girl has gradually been feeling worse this week, today I decided to keep her home, she's going to the dr. My kids seem to be prone to Streptococcal pharyngitis {aka Strep Throat}
I find it frustrating - I think b/c I'm unsure if it's really that important to medicate this or if it'll just run it's course. When I was young, I seemed to get Tonsillitis a lot. I finally had them out when I was 17. I don't recall taking anti-biotics that much. If it was only up to me, I wouldn't be calling the dr. but dh wants to make sure it's not strep - I feel judged by the the dr.'s little do they know it's not usually my idea to drag them to the germ infested dr. office.
Although having her home alters my plans for the day,
I still plan to continue with scrapbooking and making pizza :)
I forgot to mention I went shopping the other day
found some new duds - Today is going to be fashion friday.

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Stacey said...

I think your blog is adorable! but I am partial to birds...
Take the kids to the dr. if you suspect strep. Don't let the dr's make you feel like they are looking down on you! I had strep a lot as a kid. Eventually at age 27 I had my tonsils removed. have not been sick much since. However I had a strep infection that went untreated as an adult. I don't have a clue what it is called, But it left me with arthritis like symptoms in my hips. I was tested for all kinds or arthritis and the tests were all negative. My dr. decided to try one more test. It was positive for whatever he called it. Something to do with the strep infection leaving some kind of protein or something in the joints. I was on Antibiotics for 4 months. After that I had blood tests and the numbers had gone down significantly and my pain was gone. I also know that the strep infection can cause heart problems in children. Although I hate antibiotics, They do have their uses. But I think they are over prescribed.

Make sure if your daughter is on them you give her plenty of Yogurt with active live cultures. It helps a ton to prevent diarrhea and yeast infections. you can also get acidophilus in capsul form.

Ok that is enough advice for one night lol

I love that you are blogging everyday. It makes it easier to get to know you a little. Thanks also for stopping by my blog today as well.

Take care,

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