Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2

remember the post from yesterday... the one that I mentioned being nice? ok, well I'm not taking it back, but {insert SCREAMS of frustration REALLY LOUD} b/c I AM TRYING!

my 8+ year old is on my every trying nerve... {sigh}

.........why do they have to have the last word? why does he feel the need to tell me when *I* am mad? does he think that I do not know this? hello???? earth to child? YOU are making me mad!

ok - it will be ok... I will NOT let him win.

so far so good... new things for this {going to be an awesome} new year

  • supper will be served at 5:30pm -if you aren't here you get reheats

  • kids will be bathed every opposite night.

  • kids will pack their snacks {with guidance} for their lunches the following day

  • tv will NOT be on during supper {only as a treat sometimes}

  • husband and wife will communicate {without yelling or b!tching} ;)

Let's see what more gets added to the list...
so far we ate at 5:30 today, kids both got bathed, they packed their lunch snacks and shocked me with their choices...
-we did have supper with tv on :(
been playing cards with with hubby for the past couple hours :)

so far... life is VERY good this year! I have even blogged 2 days in a row...
I also plan to purge a LOT from this house, but I have to wait til I'm home alone.

@ Brandi - my camera is an Olympus DSLR e-410


:::b r a n d i::: said...

So other than Auto and Manual, what settings do you have to work with? I'm not familiar with the options on that one.

Sassette said...

Glad to hear that you are on the right track for the new year!!! Now if I could follow suit and actually get to blogging again, That would be a step in the right direction for me!

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