Saturday, January 1, 2011

two thousand and eleven!

~*~*~*~HaPPy NeW yeaR!!!~*~*~*~
seems like only yesterday it was 2010! ;)
Hope you had a wonderful new year celebration however you chose to bring it in.
This year for me is going to be about ME! yup... all about Moi!
I'm so tired of being indecisive and pretty much a door mat.
I'm also going to be positive, upbeat and find something nice to say even when I'm so mad I want to spit. Last year I constantly told myself, "It could be worse" and it's so true. No matter how bad the situation you are in, it can ALWAYS! be worse.
I also am going to get my darn camera out of AUTO mode this year!
I plan to scrapbook again, and find happiness.
I have a wonderful life, and everyday there are a BILLION reasons to be happy and thankful I'm not letting another one go by.
It will take time but it's my goal for this year to find happiness in my life.
I hope to share ideas and things that make me happy here on my blog this upcoming year.
I am happy to welcome 2011!!


:::b r a n d i::: said...

I TOTALLY support changing that camera out of AUTO!!!! What kind do you have?

Sassette said...

Oh....I love your goals! I so need to learn more about my camera too...but who knows when that will happen!!!!

Do you need a picture of me to share on your blog? (come on, ask me know you want

Cause.....are ya ready?????!

I MAKE YOU HAPPY!!!! (nice smile Jen) My job here is done (for today!)

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