Friday, February 11, 2011

Feb something?

you know it was brought to my attention just now {from my inner voice no less} that's it's probably a good thing that my hubster has no interest in reading my blog - or if he does it's unknown to me...
i feel like being random lately.
I'm infamous at random ;) I have inner voices, we all do, i don't care who you are, YOU HAVE AN INNER VOICE! I just happen to listen to mine sometimes, and I know my husband does too, mostly because I'll catch him nodding his head as if he's in agreement with something, but nobody is talking to him. at times he'll look completely engulfed in his own world - it's HIGHLY entertaining {grin}
we don't really talk much - is that really a bad thing? sometimes it bugs me, but then when he does start talking i really wish he'd have more interesting things to say.
it's snowing here. again. the sun is shining but there are flurries in the frigid air.
not sure what i feel like doing today ~ i probably should clean the house {sigh} bleh, I think that I'm going to ask for a cleaning lady, maybe for mother's day. even tho' my birthday comes first, don't you think a one time cleaning lady would be the PERFECT mother's day gift?
right now i just don't know where to begin, i seriously lack motivation.
i'm looking forward to this weekend. the kiddo's are suppose to be heading out to my inlaws. i'm not getting too hopeful tho', it never fails... something will end up kiboshing the plans.
i probably should eat something... and i need to get new boots - i HATE my boots.
told ya.

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